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Lost-foam casting technology has some advantages over other precision casting technologies:

  1. reduction of capital costs for equipment and materials;
  2. Original LFC technology allows you to produce products with an advantage in price over competitors by obtaining high-precision, complex castings;
  3. the use of inexpensive and relatively simple rigging;
  4. LFC technology allows to produce complex castings, which are difficult or impossible to obtain in other ways;
  5. the absence of the assembly process of the mold and its elements helps increase the dimensional accuracy of castings to level 8 - 9 of class GOST 26645-85, and their surface roughness to 12.5 ... 25.0 microns;
  6. achieving high accuracy and low surface roughness of castings allows to reduce the mass of cast products by 15-30%, increase the coefficient;
  7. A feature of the technology is that carburization of the surface layers of the casting leads to an increase in resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical effects.